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“Smart projects” for the people of Sahel

In Niger there is no banking system as we known. No how funds accruing from all campaigns voluntary or humanitarian organizations such as CRAC-GRN to go directly to the people of the Sahel. Therefore, international bodies, under the tutelage of where all humanitarian missions in the affected area have created a financial mechanism of "smart projects', through funds raised to finance activities impacting directly on the people of Niger and contributing to improving the living conditions in the Sahel edible photo.

"Smart program" makes 35-year-old woman to thoroughly wash their hands in a bowl, rubbing them intently with harsh soap. This is Rahiharuna who has five children by four births - at last gave birth to twins. She prepares for injection of contraceptives that will protect it from a new pregnancy in the next three years. The whole procedure of washing the placement of two capsules in her veins performed by young local doctor who explained that the start of the program there was resistance against these methods for limiting births. Now even imams (over 80% of the population of Niger are Muslim) encourage young women to plan their pregnancies, because their words and Allah does not like to have children one after the other, if they can not care for them. The medical center such contraceptives put women at a dozen a day. Family planning and limiting the birth rate in the Sahel region is particularly important to avoid hunger. Below 30% of the population of Niger is literate, a figure for women is less than 15, and the average duration of the education process is five years.

Vegetable garden in the sands of Chad is another of the EU's attempts to redirect money from humanitarian aid to long-term investments against hunger in the Sahel. Garden in the capital of the once mighty empire Kanem - located in an important time Trans-Sahara town Mao produces vegetables that are dried and packed stills with the EU logo. On the local markets you can find sachets of dried tomatoes and peppers, and planted trees in another "intelligent project" funded by the European Commission, which aims to create conditions for the retention of scarce water in semi-arid by green zones. These zones could be clearly seen from an airplane.

Along with "smart projects" However the EU need to fund basic urgent action against hunger. In the Sahel do not reach about 2.5 million tons of foods. According to statistics in the EU disposed of billions of tons of food annually. But those same statistics show that people and their self-awareness in Niger as far happier than most of the population of many European countries.

So next time as you are sad because the baker did not make the desired shade of icing on the cake for your children’s birthday and you think it will fail your holiday, please think about that in the Sahel have children with special cakes, toppers, edible prints and so on, but they are very happy with what little the family celebrates this important day.